While the Giant is Sleeping

While the Giant is SleepingAlycia Holston

An eagle builds her nest nearby, cars whiz past on the way to visit friends and the Missouri River cuts through the landscape…all while the giant sleeps. In this delightful tale, author Alycia Holston and illustrator Suzi Stranahan introduce you to the Sleeping Giant of Helena, Montana who slumbers while the world continues to grow and change around him.​

Retail Price: 12.99 plus S/H
Release Date: May 2011
Page Count: 32
Size: 8.5 x 8.5
Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-9365-0105-2


Alycia croppedALYCIA HOLSTON, author of ‘While the Giant is Sleeping,’ was born and raised in the Midwest. She discovered the beauty of the Rocky Mountains in 2009 when she and her family moved to Montana. Alycia, her husband, and their three children live in Helena where they see the Sleeping Giant every day.

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“Really great book. I very much appreciated the careful, thorough, and fun look at this natural wonder. Illustrations and writing work really well together. My 3 year old loves it too!” – twalk, Amazon.com

“This well written and beautifully illustrated book is a treat for both children and their parents. Both of my young children loved reading about all of the wildlife and weather that pass through “while the giant is sleeping.” I highly recommend this book, especially if your children are interested in nature.” – Jessica M., Amazon.com