The Unraveling of Reverend G

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How can a minister fulfill her calling when she can barely remember the order of the Minor Prophets? When Reverend G hears the devastating diagnosis – dementia with the possibility of early-onset Alzheimer’s – she struggles with the pain of forgetting those she loves and the fear of losing her connection with God. With the help of her friends at the assisted living facility, Bert, a farmer from Oklahoma, Roxie, the stressed-out activities director and Gabriel, a cat with the gift of forecasting death, she soon discovers there’s humor to be found in forgetting part of the Lord’s Prayer, finding her iron in the freezer and losing a half-gallon of ice cream. And she discovers that while the question she wants to ask is, ‘Why,’ the answer really is, ‘Who.’ – (2012 Grace Award finalist)

Retail Price: $13.99 (plus S/H)
Release Date: August 2012
Page Count: 200
Size: 5.25″ x 8″
Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 78-1-93650110-6


RJ Thesman PicR.J. THESMAN is a Certified Writing Coach who loves to help other writers birth their words. Thesman also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Education. She has published 8 books, 700+ articles and her work has appeared in 14 anthologies. She is the author of the popular Reverend G trilogy (The Unraveling of Reverend G, Intermission for Reverend G, and Final Grace for Reverend G), published by CrossRiver Media. Her most recent book Sometimes They Forget – Finding Hope in the Alzheimer’s Journey is a compilation of essays and meditations for caregivers.

Thesman enjoys teaching workshops, speaking at various venues, reading, gardening and cooking – especially anything with blueberries. You can follow her on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Goodreads. Check out her website at

“I quickly began to care about and root for Reverend G and the way she faces life with courage and humor… Thesman has created a truly delightful person that I’d like to know.” – JoHannah Reardon, Christianity Today.

“RJ Thesman expresses herself so well. She writes beautifully.” – Keith Johnson, Johnson County Gazette.

“This book is written in such down to earth, real life language that I found myself feeling a part of Reverend G’s family.” –  MG “Mary”,

“RJ did such a great job of developing Reverend G as a character, displaying her relationship with God in a real way, showing the progression of the disease and the real struggles that come with it.” – Naomi,