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Finding Beth CoverWe welcome CrossRiver author Linnette Mullin as guest blogger today. Her book, Finding Beth, released in 2014 and won both the Selah and Grace Awards. What is she up to now?

Tiffany Anne Nash. She started out as a supporting character for Beth Gallagher of Finding Beth. I needed a friend for Beth who would faithfully remind her that men aren’t to be trusted, a friend who would be loyal to a fault, and a friend who

knew what it was like to be fooled and used by men and would forgive Beth’s former poor choices.

As I wrote, it didn’t take long for Beth’s best friend, Tiffany, to take on a life of her own. I never imagined she would so engage my readers they would be begging for her story.

There is something about Tiffany that resonates with me and my readers. There is Beth, the good girl who takes herself a little too seriously, coupled with this spunky, cynical, broken yet strong, man-hating, fiercely loyal friend and mother to two little boys. Who wouldn’t want to know her story?

Don’t get me wrong. I love Beth. She is the daughter of my heart. Yet there is something about Tiffany that makes me want to hold her close in a motherly embrace and tell her everything is going to be okay. This woman who has been wounded in the deepest parts of her soul, who longs to trust again is paralyzed by fear. She puts on emotional armor to keep others at a safe distance, and yet she is always ready to drop whatever she’s doing to help others.

Tiffany loves her boys and Beth with a fierce love and discovers she is just as capable of loving others deeply if she ever dared to trust again. But that’s her hang-up. How do you trust when your trust has been shattered by those who should have guarded your heart? How do you trust God when He didn’t stop the pain inflicted upon body and soul? How do you learn to trust a man when every man you ever loved committed the ultimate betrayal – not just once, but nearly every day of your life? Tiffany needs to know.

Sometimes a character takes on a life of her own, much to the surprise of her author, and that is exactly what Tiffany did. She captivated me and I’m so excited to share her story with you. Stay tuned in at LinnetteRMullin.com for updates as I move into rewrites and edits.

I look forward to the day I can announce the publication date of book 2 in the Flying with Broken Wings series. Are you ready for Loving Tiffany to hit the shelves? It’s gonna be good!

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About Linnette Mullin

:Linnette MullinLinnette R. Mullin is an author of life-changing romance and a freelance writer. Her award-winning novel, Finding Beth was released by CrossRiver Media in 2014 and won the Selah and Grace book awards. Her other writing credits include Charles Stanley’s In Touch magazine, 101 Facets of Faith, and Guidepost’s Extraordinary Answers to Prayer. She is a member of Heart of America Christian Writer’s Network (HACWN) and American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW). She is a full-time student working on her Masters degree in Christian Counseling. She loves her sons fiercely, doggy-sits Hershey, and trusts Jesus for her journey.

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