I Forgot the Ice Cream!

We welcome CrossRiver author Kathy Nickerson as guest blogger today. Her book Rose Hill Cottage releases later this month.


melting ice cream coneJuly is National Ice Cream Month! This, dear reader, is a fact worthy of celebration. We should probably both stop what we are doing right now and go out to buy a double scoop. If you decided to finish reading this post first, thank you. I shall refrain until I’m finished writing it.

Ice cream did not play a major role in either of the books CrossRiver released with my name on the cover this year. The Secret of Serendipity (a middle-grade novel) and Rose Hill Cottage (women’s fiction) both take place during the summer. Both books include references to the Fourth of July and to food. In fact, brownies and pie each have starring roles. But somehow, I neglected ice cream.

I’m not sure how this happened. It didn’t really come to my attention until I started a long-distance book club called The Serendipity Circle. The first study question asks which character we should invite out for ice cream and what flavor we should order. Some readers chose The Pie Lady of Hopewell Township as our guest, assuming she would bring along a slice of pie. That is when I first realized my omission.

That is the life of an author. No matter how long we spend writing a book, polishing our scenes, dusting our details, dressing up our characters and combing their hair, we will read the final copy sometime later and wonder why on earth we arranged the furniture that way.

Fortunately, I haven’t reached that point with any of the Glory Circle Sisters yet. (Well, not too much, anyway.) They are such an eccentric bunch that we can’t expect them to be perfect. I’m pretty sure Bess, from Rose Hill Cottage, will have something to say about the ice cream, though. She’s spunky that way.

About Kathy Nickerson

K Nickerson 032016Kathy Nickerson is an author, speaker, and eternal optimist who has been living happily-ever-after with her country doctor husband for more than forty years. They are the parents of four children who grew up to become their best friends and who have given them thirteen grandchildren, so far. She writes about the struggles of life from a perspective of one who believes that all things will ultimately work together for good for those who love God. Her books include Rose Hill Cottage, releasing July 2016; The Secret of Serendipity (March 2016); and Thirty Days to Glory (Oct. 2013).

If you would like to learn more about Kathy Nickerson or about how to start a Serendipity Circle book club of your own, visit her website at kathynick.com.


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