In a heartbeat


My pastor is so helpful. Just when I thought I would have nothing to post this morning, he preached a sermon yesterday that spoke to my soul. Of course, Pastor Kyle does that just about every week, but on this particular Sunday in January, it was one that I knew I needed to pass along.

It all started with this verse…

“For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.” – Eph. 2:10 (NLT)

Pastor Kyle isn’t one to shy away from controversial topics. He not only preaches the gospel without reservation, he teaches regularly about tithing, he tackles end time prophecy, he reminds us regularly about our need to serve… and he isn’t afraid to take a bold stand on social issues exactly like the Bible teaches it.

This particular Sunday, he plugged into the question just about everyone asks themselves at some point in their life. What is my purpose? What did God create me to do? Why am I here? The surprise is… the answer isn’t as hard to find as we think.

There are several things that go into figuring it out… Pastor Kyle talked about spiritual gifts, abilities, your personality and experience. But at the heart of it all is passion… the thing that you would do for God in a heartbeat if money were no object and time was not a problem. Because, you see, for God these things really aren’t an issue.

When I started CrossRiver more than five years ago, I was following what I believed God wanted me to do – to use my abilities, personality and experience for His glory. I’m still not sure what my spiritual gifts might be, but he has given me green lights and winks and what appears to be a stamp of approval through my passion for books that CrossRiver is exactly where he wants me to be.

For our authors it is writing. Each one of them hear a calling to put pen to paper and to share the stories and concepts He has placed on their hearts

So my question to you is… what is it that makes your heart beat? What is your passion? What would you do if there were no obstacles. The answer isn’t as far from your reach as you may think.

Discover it, and you may have just found your calling.

Have a blessed week!

  1. Karen GarberKaren Garber01-11-2016

    Great article. This is something I struggle with a lot.

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