The Making of a Book Cover: It All Comes Together

By CrossRiver editor Debra L. Butterfield

puzzle piece book cover Road to Deer RunWelcome to part 3 of The Making of a Book Cover. We hope you’re enjoying the journey and each piece of the puzzle as we’ve revealed it.

Yesterday the British army had us on the run, but we turned to the same source of help that Elaine Marie Cooper’s heroes turned to—our Sovereign Lord.

Tamara Clymer (CrossRiver’s founder and president), Elaine, and myself earnestly prayed for God’s help. As I waited to hear from God, I gave my attention to other projects.

Several days passed. Then in the midst of the mundane chore of laundry, God’s first answer came to me: Use your country blue bed sheet as a skirt.

With this answer, I began to relax and knew the rest would soon come together as well.

Tamara contacted a family she knew whose daughters fit the age and physical features we needed. Within a week, we had our two female models—one for Road to Deer Run and one for Promise of Deer Run.

I scouted 4 possible shoot locations. We needed a forest—readily available in northwest Missouri—and found the perfect spot. The easiest task of the project!

Then the answer to Daniel’s British red coat came to me. We could use my red Marine Corps League jacket. I pinned a strip of white cloth around the bottom of the sleeve to imitate the white cuff of the British uniform. Our character Mary Thomsen would hold it balled up and only a sleeve would hang down to identify it as a suit coat

I need a cloak for Mary, and made a trip back to see Janet Alexander. Yes, she had 3 cloaks I could chose from. <big sigh of relief> Thank you, Janet!

Both our models needed a mobcap. I pulled my sewing machine and material scraps out of the hall closet and in the course of the Thursday morning before our scheduled Saturday photo shoot, stitched together a mobcap.

Just as God provided the answers Mary and Daniel needed in Road to Deer Run, God provided what we needed for our book covers. We were finally ready for our photo shoot and the weatherman was forecasting sunshine.

Come back tomorrow to discover how photographer and Photoshop extraordinaire Jackie Dix made my red coat look like a British uniform. We’ll also reveal the final piece of Elaine Marie Cooper’s Road to Deer Run book cover.

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