Beth’s Favorite Brownies

It is National Brownies at Brunch Month, and we can’t think of a better way to celebrate than to share Beth’s favorite recipe from Finding Beth. The girl loves her brownies and author Linnette R. Mullin does too. In fact, Linnette has a fantastic recipe that she wanted to share with you. Just click here for her recipe and continue reading for a taste of Finding Beth.

Thanks for helping me unload my shopping spree goodies.” Beth smiled at Adam whose arms were overflowing.

“Not a problem.” He carried the bags to the cottage and she held the front door open as he entered.

“Just drop those on the floor right inside the bedroom, please. Can I talk you into staying for some sweet tea and brownies?”

“Brownies?” His face lit up. “Wild mustangs couldn’t drag me away.” He stepped into her bedroom, set the bags down and turned to face her.

She arched her eyebrows. “I’m guessing you like brownies?”

He glanced at the packages of fudge she’d purchased earlier. “Almost as much as I like fudge.” His boyish grin returned.

“Oh, no you don’t.” She wagged a finger at him and shook her head. “You’re not eating a single bite of that fudge. It’s for Tiffany and her boys. You’ll just have to go back to town and buy your own, Adam Blythe.” She crossed her arms and glared at him while the corners of her mouth twitched.

He exaggerated a sigh and put on the fakest deflated look she’d ever seen. “Okay, okay.”

Laughter bubbled from deep inside and the fluttering of her heart increased. She rubbed her aching cheeks. When was the last time she had laughed like this? When was the last time she had felt this happy? Josh’s face flashed through her mind and her breath caught. She pushed his image away.

“Come on.” She led him to the kitchen and poured two glasses of sweet tea. “Let’s take the brownies and tea out onto the back porch.”

He reached around her to snatch a brownie. She peered sideways into his face and opened her mouth to scold him when the back door flew open. Her eyes went wide.
Adam wrapped protective arms around her and glanced over his shoulder.

Trembling, she clutched the front of his shirt. “It’s Kyle. H-how did he find me?”

Adam whipped around, tucking her behind him to keep his body between her and Kyle.

“Get your hands off my fiancée!” Kyle snarled. “Lizzy, who is this guy? Is he the reason you ran off and left me? ‘Cause if he is, you’re gonna be sorry. You’re mine, Lizzy-Beth. Mine.”

“Sir, you’re trespassing. You need to leave now.” The steel in Adam’s voice told her he would protect her or die trying.

Crushing fear wrapped around Beth’s chest, stealing her breath. Her legs turned into cooked noodles. She grabbed hold of Adam’s shirt, and pressed her face against his back.

Kyle ignored him. “Look at me, Liz!” He stepped inside the door and slammed it. “I won’t put up with this!”

Pushing up on tiptoes, she peeked over Adam’s shoulder and saw a mean looking hand-gun pointed directly at Adam’s chest.

No! Oh, God, what is he doing?

“K-Kyle. P-p-p-please! P-put that gun down. Don’t be crazy. We c-can talk this out. Just, please d-don’t hurt anyone.”

“Don’t hurt anyone?” He scoffed. “As in your boyfriend, here?”

She swallowed hard. “He-he’s not my b-boyfriend. He’s just a f-friend. Please, let him leave and then we can talk.”

Adam’s rigid stance told her he wasn’t going anywhere, but she had to try. If Kyle wanted to hurt someone, it should be her — not Adam.

Oh, God, please don’t let him hurt Adam! Please, help us!

“Kyle,” Adam’s jaw ticked, but he kept his voice even, “Put the gun down. Kind of hard to convince a girl you love her with a gun pointed at her, don’t you think? There are better ways to deal with this.”

Mirthless laughter erupted from Kyle as he taunted them. “Tell me, just how close are you with my fiancée anyway? You in love with her? Too bad for you if you are ‘cause she’ll never be yours.”

Her blood ran cold at the possessive gleam in Kyle’s eyes. How could she have ever loved this man? How could she have been so blind?

“So, this is how you plan to win her back? With violence? No woman in her right mind would want you after this.”

“Yeah? Well, whether she comes back with me or not remains to be seen. But one thing is certain. She will never be yours.”

Adam flung her aside as an explosion blasted in her ears. She hit the floor and Adam dropped beside her.

“No! Adam! No!” Her wail echoed in the room.

She shifted to kneel beside him, tears streaming down her face. She scooped his head and cradled it in her lap, caressing his face and watching blood seep through his shirt.

“Adam, speak to me. Please, Adam. Oh God, don’t do this to me! Not again! Adam, answer me!”

No response.

“Oh, God, no!”

Read more in Finding Beth by Linnette R. Mullin. Or download your Kindle version here.

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